Unit Editions: FHK Henrion, The Complete Designer [Unit 13]

1a 1c 1d 1f 1g 1i 1nUnit Editions latest designer’s bookshelf ‘must have’ is a book showcasing the definitive work of FHK Henrion.

‘The designer FHK Henrion has no equal in British graphic design history. No UK designer – then or now – can match his sheer depth of accomplishments and range of abilities. This book is the first comprehensive monograph of the work of FHK Henrion. Lavishly illustrated and designed with precision and flair, it charts his early experiments as a pre-war poster artist and culminates in his work as the creator of some of the most celebrated – and enduring – logos and identities of the 20th century, including Tate + Lyle, KLM, Blue Circle Cement and LEB. FHK Henrion was the complete designer.’

Available to pre-order here.

Via Collate.